15th December, 2010

Hong Kong Red Cross International & Relief Service Department has appointed KEEP Consulting to help developing their 3 years strategic planning

The International & Relief Service Department (IRSD) of Hong Kong Red Cross has the following mission:

We support the Red Cross international network
to provide much needed assistance to survivors of natural and man-made disasters and
to enhance the capacity of vulnerable communities to cope with disasters.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement aims at alleviating the sufferings of the most vulnerable people after disasters, by both short-term and long-term means, regardless their race, belief or affiliation. As a member of this world's biggest humanitarian movement, the Hong Kong Red Cross provides the following services:

- Emergency Relief

- Rehabilitation & Recovery

- Disaster Preparedness & Development

The IRSD updates its long term strategic plans periodically to support the mission. We’re glad that KEEP Consulting was appointed to help on the development of the strategic plan for the IRSD for the coming period.

Project kick off meeting was held on Nov 23rd, 2010 with Lady Ivy Wu, JP, Chairman and Mr. W S Lo, Vice Chairman of International & Relief Service Management Committee presented to support the project.

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1st September, 2010

KEEP Consulting co-organize Social Enterprise Summit 2010

Social Enterprise Summit 2010 is scheduled for Nov 19-21. For last three years, KEEP Consulting Supports the event as a co-organizer.

Theme of this year is "Creating New Values and Partnership for Co-Development".

Please visit official website at for details and enrollment. Click the following for the Summit brochure.

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1st March, 2010

KEEP Consulting is awarded Caring Company Logo 2009/10 from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our community involvement and our commitment of being a corporate citizen.

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15th January, 2010

KEEP Consulting received Grand Brand Conscience Award from HK Institute of Marketing

KEEP Consulting received a Grand Brand Conscience Award from Hong Kong Institute of Marketing. The award recognizes our effort in achieving high standard in all principles of Brand Conscience with outstanding results in the area of Human Rights and Humanity.

In KEEP Consulting way of conducting our business, Trust and Respect of every individual is our core value. In all the MOC (Manage of Change) projects in our Organization Development services, "people" is always the key success factors of organization and business success. We're glad that our practice and insights can get recognition in this award.

Background of the award (please refer to official website for details)

Objectives of the HKIM Brand Conscience Award are:

  1. To recognize a brand's success in achieving ethical, humanitarian, good corporate citizenship, social or environmental aims while being success at the core elements of branding;
  2. To identify organizations which contribute to the betterment of the society through their acts of humanity, ethics and business practices;
  3. To educate the importance of developing the brand with a conscience of company/organization;
  4. To encourage the industries which are developing brands with a conscience for the betterment of the society;
  5. To support the Brand Hong Kong with the balance of social, ethical, economical and environmental community.

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13th November, 2009

KEEP Consulting co-organize Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit 2009

KEEP Consulting is a co-organizer of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit 2009.

The 2009 Social Enterprise Summit was a very successful one. All tickets had been sold out weeks before the Summit and there were more than 100 peoples in the waiting list. There were attendees from Mainland, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, India, Australia, and UK. In the post-event survey, the average satisfaction scores were around 4.5 in a scale of 1 to 5.

For detail, please visit website at:

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16th July, 2009

New IT Leadership – Running IT Like a Business Seminar and Workshop

KEEP Consulting partnered with HP Hong Kong to conduct a Seminar and Workshop on "New IT Leadership – Running IT Like a Business". We present our Services As BusinessTMmodel in the seminar and highlight the important and share practices of running IT like a business. Mr. Daniel Lai, JP of MTRC shared his experience of actual implementation of running service like a business in his IT organization.

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16th November, 2008

KEEP Consulting Sponsored Social Enterprise Summit 2008

KEEP Consulting is the Gold Sponsor of the Social Enterprise Summit which aims at promoting "Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Social Change".

KEEP Consulting, as a firm providing business strategy consulting, sponsors the study of Hong Kong Policy Institute on the social enterprise movement in Hong Kong. The study aims at helping the local social entrepreneurs to identify the best practices and hence to increase the success rate of their ventures.

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