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"Conscientious Consumption and Knowledge Volunteering" has been the growing trends in the middle-aged middle class in Hong Kong. Since the Asian Financial Crisis and SARS, there have been more and more people reflecting and searching their own personal mission. Movements such as Fair Trade and Social Enterprise are results of such awakening.


The purpose of the book "營商能耐可以改變社會", co-authored by one of our founders, Mr. C H Kee, is to help those businesspersons, who have decided to contribute back to the society through participating in the current social enterprise movement.

The first half of the book is about the definition and current landscape of the social enterprises in Hong Kong. The second half lays out the processes and tools needed to run a social enterprise from the perspective of a business manager with a MBA equivalent knowledge.

Feel free to download the extract from the book the section on "Business Turnaround" which may be the most needed under the current financial tumor. Other sections of the book will be available gradually.

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